Benedum Center Rules

Below are the ground rules for anyone attending events at the Benedum Center. Please make sure you know the rules and regulations before attending any event.

Security Screening

Prior to entry, all guests and permissible items may be subject to a physical screening and inspection. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has updated all screening technology to EVOLV systems, which provides comprehensive, contactless screening machines. Guests can seamlessly walk through with their bags, coats, and permissible items. Prohibited items discovered during the screening process will not be allowed inside of the theater or arts venue; a full list of prohibited items can be found below.

By presenting your ticket and entering the venue, you consent to such screenings. Refusal of screening may result in denied entry. These protection measures have been put in place to ensure that each performance or experience is occurring in the safest possible environment for guests.

Prohibited Items

The following is a list of outside items which are prohibited inside of the Benedum Center:

*This list is not all-inclusive and may change or be updated at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

Patron Code of Conduct

Patrons are entitled to an environment where everyone:

Please note: Patrons engaging in disruptive behavior, such as fighting, throwing objects, using offensive language or gestures, attempting to enter restricted areas, or any actions negatively impacting others, will be immediately removed from the venue and may face police intervention for these violations.