Girl From The North Country at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Girl From The North Country at Benedum Center PittsburghA musical masterpiece interwoven with heart-touching stories will be electrified by Bob Dylan’s music as the Girl From The North Country arrives in the city of Pittsburgh from January 9 to 14 at Benedum Center, Pennsylvania. The Conor McPherson creation will be delighted to be brought back to musical theaters for an immaculate celebration of Bob Dylan’s timeless songs. The musical follows the story of travelers whose lives intertwine in a guesthouse owned by the struggling proprietor Nick Laine (John Schiappa). This musical will bring awe-inspiring feelings of life, hope, and music as the guests reflect on their journeys, struggles, and societal challenges of the time. Featuring the best Bob Dylan songs, Forever Young, All Along the Watchtower, and Hurricane, with the accompaniment of winning orchestration by Simon Hale, an unforgettable musical event is here to arrive as the Girl From The North Country delivers an exceptional hype that the Broadway fans will love. Grab your tickets now! 

Girl From The North Country Tickets

“A rapture of a musical!” – The Washington Post

“Nothing less than a broadway revelation” – Chicago Tribune

Girl From The North Country tickets

The city of Pittsburgh will be the home of the musical conundrum as the musical creation Girl From The North Country rallies its way to the theaters from January 9 to 14 at Benedum Center, Pennsylvania. A night of amazing stories and acts is here to witness as the production features Bob Dylan’s greatest hits with the mesmerizing story and direction from the world-class artist Conor McPherson that the musical fans will enjoy.

The 2-hour 30-minute musical show will be all the time you need for a night of mesmerizing musical journey as the Conor McPherson masterpiece lands its way to the theater stages. Watch as the performers transform the stage to the midst of the Great Depression in 1930 as they linger with Bob Dylan’s anthems, including Forever Young, All Along the Watchtower, and Hurricane that will give the fans a folksy treat as they experience the live melodies and talents of the artists on the stage.

The musical follows the story of a run-down boarding house owned by Nick Laine in the middle of The Great Depression in the 1930s. Due to the bank’s threats to foreclose the property, Nick Laine is desperate to save his family from the cruelty of the bank employees. The guests of the guesthouse tangled with the life of Nick Lainen, including Mrs. Nielsen and the Burkes Family, as they share their common struggles as they live in the same establishment. The flow of the story changes when a bible salesman, Reverend Marlowe, and a boxer, Joe Scott, arrive at Nick Laine’s guesthouse looking for shelter from the stormy night. The arrival of these two characters weaves the plot of the story as they unfold the different emotions with every guest’s story. Along with the beauty and swinging emotions of Bob Dylan’s songs, the Girl From The North Country show will be the talk of tomorrow with its all-star artist and unmatched story combined. 

“Miraculous!” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Audacious, Enlightening, Beautiful, Beguiling” – Rolling Stone


The Girl From The North Country will begin its North American tour as it arrives in the city of Pittsburgh from January 9 to 14 to deliver a heart-touching musical on cruise. Along with its amazing casting and production, renowned actors are also listed in this musical masterpiece as they play the biggest and most important roles in the story to provide resolve and accomplishment to the fans watching. The cast is led by John Schiappa as Nick Laine and  Jennifer Blood as Elizabeth Laine. The following are the other casts that will be starring in the most anticipated musical:

The musical show is also supported by the most talented artists, including the offstage cover artist Paul Blankenship. The ensemble consists of Ashley D. Brooks, Justin Michael Duval, Kelly McCormick, and Hosea Mundi, while the swings are composed of Rayla Garske, Warren Nolan Jr., Ali Regan, and Danny Vaccaro. 

A masterpiece is not whole without the background masteries as the show, led by the writer and director Conor McPherson, assembled the best creatives to work with one of the best musical shows on the planet. With the music and lyrics from Bob Dylan and orchestration from Simon Hale, the following are the outstanding creatives working behind the curtains:

“You have these different people staying there because, in the Depression, they don’t have anywhere to live, and these people are encountering each other, and their lives are crisscrossing over a few days. And if you had Bob’s songs somehow articulating their inner lives, I thought that might work”, the writer and director Conor McPherson said on his inspiration in the creation of Girl From The North Country. 

Girl From The North Country Pittsburgh

The Girl From The North Country had its premiere in The Old Vic in London from July 8 to October 7, 2017. Because of the success of the premier show, it was followed by a West End show that ran for 12 weeks. Then, it debuted on the North American stages in 2018  and Canada in 2019. The hardships finally led to success as Conor McPherson and the crew made it to Broadway, where they premiered at the Belasco Theatre in 2020. The show bagged several nominations in Grammy and Tony Awards, including Best Musical Theater Album, Best Musical, Best Direction, and many more. Simon Hale also won the Tony Awards in 2020 as the Best Orchestration in the Girl From The North Country. Now, following the back-to-back success of the show, they will go back to the performing stages as they ramp up the North American tour dates, stopping by the Pennsylvania crates for a musical show you cannot miss. 

“The cast is impeccable” – The New Yorker

“As close as mortal come to heaven on earth” – The New York Times

Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will be the location of Conor McPherson’s masterpiece, which will be from January 9 to 14. With the sophisticated and elegant venue, the most-awaited musical creation, Girl From The North Country, will be in motion as it unravels the stories of joy and hope along with the mesmerizing music of Bob Dylan on the score. Grab your tickets now!