To Kill a Mockingbird at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

To Kill a Mockingbird Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Did you even realise your favourite musical is back on the road for spring, 2022!? The iconic production that has caused a stir for many years, is all anybody in showbiz can talk about! If that wasn't already enough To Kill a Mockingbird is actually showing in the epic Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, thats wonderful right? So put Thursday 21st April 2022 in the planner and book the whole family in! April will be the month you go to town with your vocals! It's SO simple, just follow the link above this instant! This could be your only chance!

To Kill a Mockingbird at Benedum Center

Only go to a musical if you want to get funky, its the rule! Know that you'll be foot tappin', standing, singing, heck you'll probably be dancing too! You'll probably have a scratchy voice post musical after all the singing, it's an experience and is as much of a memory maker as they come! To Kill a Mockingbird is just that production, the cast will have you amazed with their triple threat abilities and exceptional talent, the star studded team are 'a force to be reckoned with' according to New York Magazine! 2022s US tour has eased all anticipation erupting from fans online and on social media, it really seems this is 'THE BEST TOUR YET'! So what are you waiting for? Book in to see what all the fuss is about this spring! Thursday 21st April 2022, To Kill a Mockingbird are playing at Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, click 'get tickets' now and make sure you're there this April!

To Kill a Mockingbird at Benedum Center

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