The Kite Runner at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

The Kite Runner Tickets

Benedum Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Kite Runner

Everyone in the theatre world are waiting patiently for the this new tour and the ticket sales to begin, heres where you jump the queue! The Kite Runner will be heading to town on Saturday 11th May 2024 and taking the stage by storm! The all new spring, 2024 tour of the US will be held at the magnificent and beautiful Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, it's always been the favorite theatre house around, so the night will be alright this May! To book your seats, easily click the button above, today - this could be your only chance!

Seeing a good show at the theatre can really lift your spirits, a bonus if the production is something really amazing isn't it? Well have we got news for you! The legendary The Kite Runner is once again touring the roads of the US in spring, 2024! And it's the best thing you've heard all week! absolutely the ultimate show of May and possible the best production on state this year! The production will be showing at the unbelievable Benedum Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, fans describe it as sensational and stunning. Its in the middle of town, the best food vendors from all over town, parking is spacious and easy and its right next to all the central links to transport. Scribble Saturday 11th May 2024 in the calendar and make sure you purchase your tickets because they're selling fast! Follow the link to buy yours now!

The Kite Runner at Benedum Center

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