The Flying Dutchman at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

The Flying Dutchman Tickets

Benedum Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Flying Dutchman

If you've been waiting to watch The Flying Dutchman up close and personal then theres no time like the present! The Flying Dutchman are back on the road and creating quite a stir in the theatre business! Critics have said The Flying Dutchman is better than ever, with spectacular performances and being quoted by The New York times as one of the best shows of 2023. Benedum Center plays host to this awe-inspiring production, one of Pennsylvania Pittsburghs best venues for big shows like this. Be part of the action this fall and get your tickets today, they won't be around for long so click book now!

How often do you call the theatre home? Or do you visit rarley to watch the sell out shows when they back in town? Whatever form your love of the theatre presents itself in, there is some supreme news going around the theatre world for 2023, because The Flying Dutchman told the world a enormous tour of the US and tickets are now on sale! Devotees have have been buying tickets rapidly, this production truly is a masterpiece and is distinguished amongstst both long term fans and first time watchers alike. If November is a busy one for you, you'll have to spare some time for this big deal. The place to see this event this fall will be the unsurpassed Benedum Center of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania its one outstanding setting, with so much to offer during your visit. Friday 17th November 2023 needs to be a prominent fixture in your diary, to save yourself the heartache pop it in! Allow yourself to get the tickets before anybody else, this is a really big deal amongst revellers so easily click 'get tickets" on this page to obtain yours!'

The Flying Dutchman at Benedum Center

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