Summer – The Donna Summer Musical at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Summer - The Donna Summer Musical Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Are you prepared for the most popular theater production to come to the stage this side of the state? The world-famous Benedum Center is excited to host Summer – The Donna Summer Musical on their Pittsburgh stage on Saturday 20th November 2021 (Rescheduled from Saturday 20th February 2021). This premiere will feature some of the greatest talents in the country for a performance that is guaranteed to leave you breathless and with a smile on your face. Even the hardest work weeks will be forgotten when you come to enjoy this inspired theater performance. Critics have already said that Summer – The Donna Summer Musical is “amazing”, “stunning”, and “a serious contender for greatest show of 2021”. Treat yourself to one of the most anticipated performances of the year and click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets now!

Summer - The Donna Summer Musical at Benedum Center

The most obvious difference between live musicals and the cinema is the immediacy. Movies are edited and cut to perfection, whereas at the theatre, the actors are really in the room with you. In a weird way, the possibility that things can go wrong at any second is really quite of exciting, and something you can ONLY get at the theater. Normally, things go to plan and a successful show seems absolutely amazing; pulling it off with no hiccups provides a palpable release of tension for both the actors and the audience, which only adds to the excitement. So why not come to the Benedum Center and watch some of their upcoming shows?

Summer - The Donna Summer Musical at Benedum Center

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