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Pittsburgh takes pride in being known as 'the city of steel' and 'the city of bridges'. Now, the city will re-establish and solidify their reputation as one of the pillars of rock n' roll music via the "Pittsburgh Rockin' Reunion." Pittsburgh's rock n' roll heroes will all come home and gather in one stage for a one-night-only show at the Benedum Center on Saturday 4th April 2015. This show will create a bridge of music where all generations of music fans can cross and bask in music, nostalgia, great times. Definitely a show where the whole family can celebrate life, love, music. Tickets are on the move, so better get them fast! Pittsburgh Rockin' Reunion at Benedum Center

Pittsburg is home to world famous rock and roll heroes. Yet over the years, everyone has been busy touring the world. Yet Charlie Pappas of Spotlight Productions, producer of PITTSBURGH’S ROCKIN REUNION, held on to his dream, and now it's a reality… “When I first started to explore this project a few years ago, I had doubts that it could even be done…The logistics of getting all of the Acts to agree to the project, finding a date that worked for every group involved, and a venue of choice was a real challenge—but the stars aligned and the REUNION is set for April 4, 2015 at the Benedum Center in downtown Pittsburgh.”

Indeed, the stage is ready and the date is set! Now get to know the stars…

Lou Christie: The local choir boy who turned into a national teen sensation. Lou Christie's towering falsetto propelled his records to dizzy heights in various radio and sales charts across the country and many parts of the world. He is known for his memorable hit songs such as “The Gypsy Cried”, "Two Faces Have I", “Lightnin’ Strikes”, “Rhapsody in the Rain” and “I’m Gonna Make You Mine.”

Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners: “Since I Don’t Have You” put Jimmy Beaumont and the Skyliners in music map. The song is branded today as the quintessential fifties ballad. They have also churned out songs that have become classics, and are still heard and loved by many to this day, among them: “This I Swear,” “Pennies from Heaven,” “It Happened Today,” “Close Your Eyes,” “Comes Love,” “The Loser” and “Where Have They Gone.”

Donnie Iris: We've seen his wild side during the 70s American rock era with his stint with the Jaggerz and Wild Cherry. Yes, he's responsible for such wild, wild hits such as “Play That Funky Music”, “The Rapper”, “Ah! Leah!” and “Love is Like a Rock.”

Chuck Blasko’s Vogues: The Vogue's hit the music headlines with a #4 hit “You Are the One” in September of 1965. And they continued to fashion sounds that were uniquely in-vogue and run away with more hits like Five O’clock World”, “Magic Town,” “Land of Milk and Honey,” “Turn Around Look at Me” and “My Special Angel.”

The Marcels: With an awesomely infectious ditty like "Blue Moon", The Marcels instantly became a household name. Their cover of this Rogers and Hart composition went straight to #1 on the Billboard charts and remained there for three weeks, selling a million copies and earning them a gold record.

Jimmie Ross and the Jaggerz: They started in 1964 playing at local clubs and venues, and had a few mild hits. Yet in 1970, they struck gold with their chart-topping hit “The Rapper,” which hit #2 on the Billboard hot 100 and held on to that position for 13 weeks straight. The song is a certified Gold record for sales of over 2.5 million copies.

Be part of one of music history's most celebrated gathering of heroes. Celebrate the rock and roll spirit, alive and kicking at the Pittsburg Rockin' Reunion. Be there!



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