Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

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Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Need a little smidge of fun times in your life? Then here it is! Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka is back on stage once again for fall, 2022…and its some pretty BIG news for fanatics! It's been highly anticipated and now get entry to the night itself! Tuesday 20th September 2022, Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka will show at none other than the finest theatre in town and you'll be there! The impressive Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Tickets are flying out so if you want to to see the evening for yourself in September, get yours now! Just Select the buy button above immediately!

Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka at Benedum Center

Theatre reminds us that we are not alone! Not only do we share an experience with the talented artists who are on stage, we are sharing the experience with other audience members in attendance. Movies and television are fun, but by no means are they the same. They don’t have the same intimacy or sense of participation that theater-goers love! Sharing an experience with live performers and live audience members is not only valuable, it’s necessary for human connection. By following a story live on stage, and seeing the story unfold with real-life expressions, you get a truly unforgettable experience. And when shows are delivered with the excellence Benedum Center offers, you’re sure to be blown away. So why not come down and see one of their highly-regarded upcoming shows, such as Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka on Tuesday 20th September 2022.

Pittsburgh Opera: Rusalka at Benedum Center

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