Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

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Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Clear your schedule because the world famous Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker will make a stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday 29th December 2021 as part of their tour, and the event will be even better than it sounds. The infamous ballet troupe has a long-kept tradition of bringing thrill and delight to the ballet admirers across the country, and this December will be no different. Ballet-minded locals and travelers alike are flooding the ticket stands to secure the supreme viewing spots and will head down to the authentic Benedum Center to enjoy this unforgettable and exhilarating act live. You’re just a click away from joining them on this world-class ballet journey – make sure you don’t miss it!

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker at Benedum Center

The contagious atmosphere in the venue, that’s what makes Ballet so good. And because of that, no two performances are ever the same. Of course, the performance may be similar, but the story which is being told won’t change. Every time you experience a Ballet performance, you’ll see it differently. That’s the gift of live Ballet performances. Not to mention the fact that you can watch a whole host of talented dancers in the same show! If this sounds like something you want to see, then come to the glorious Benedum Center in Pittsburgh to see any of their upcoming shows.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre: The Nutcracker at Benedum Center

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