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Benedum Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My Fair Lady

Who doesn’t love the amazing and enchanting feeling of witnessing a world-class musical play live? The most iconic musical theatre in Pittsburgh - Benedum Center, has added a bright highlight in their program this February, and it’d be crazy to miss it! My Fair Lady will make a stop in the city and honor the stage of the hall to present the visitors the incredible lives of the flower girl Eliza Doolitle and her mentor - Professor Henry Higgins. Seeing live one of the most award-winning musicals of all time truly is an unmissable opportunity, and the good news is that it’s just a click-away! Treat yourself or your close ones with this exquisite musical delight and head down to Benedum Center for a mesmerizing Thursday evening out!

Higgins is as always a hilariously insufferable narcissist but Hadden-Paton (who played Bertie Pelham on Downton Abbey) gives him some of sex appeal, which helps. Norbert Leo Butz, as Eliza's foolish father, gives a breathtaking performance. But this revival really seems to get its energy from the women - from Ambrose's damaged and determined Eliza, as well as Diana Rigg (Diana Rigg!) as the dry, wise, seen-it-all queen of common sense, Mrs. Higgins. Their spirit, and their refusal to allow the ridiculous impulses of men go unchecked, points to the irony in the title: Sure she's fair, but she does not belong to you. So come and see the musical that everyone all over the world is talking about at the iconic Benedum Center in Pittsburgh!

My Fair Lady at Benedum Center

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