Les Miserables at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Les Miserables Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Have you ever wondered what it is that everyone else gets up to on a Saturday? This is it! The premier Saturday is spent at this theatre event with some of the world's most stunning talented and entertaining performers! Do you wish you could be there?! Well, YOU CAN BE! Tickets are NOW for sale for the unmissable Les Miserables. They will be LIVE at Benedum Center on Saturday 30th November 2019, waiting for you! This is your chance to be in the crowd of one of the most popular events of 2019! Don't go alone, grab a couple of friends to join you and make this a truly unforgettable experience!

Les Miserables at Benedum Center

Drama! Comedy! Excitement! Those are just some of the words to describe the excellent theatrical productions that you can see when you visit Benedum Center in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This theater house has a history of hosting award-winning events that have brought the relentless and passion of the top local and national theater companies to this beautiful town and that means that any show that premieres at Benedum Center has been selected for your enjoyment. But you aren’t coming out to see Les Miserables just for the show, because Benedum Center also features a wide variety of perks that you can only find there. Easy-access parking, 5-star dining options on the block, a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, as well as carefully engineered sound and lighting design. Everything is built up to make your Saturday evening a memorable one. So if you want to catch Les Miserables on Saturday 30th November 2019 at Benedum Center then click that Buy Tickets button below. But don’t delay, supplies are running out.

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