Jersey Boys at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Jersey Boys Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The critically acclaimed Jersey Boys is back for 2022 on a major tour of the US this summer. You've read the reviews, you've see the ads, now see Jersey Boys in live action on Thursday 9th June 2022 at Benedum Center, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. Suitable for all ages so bring the kids, bring the family..bring the colleagues! It's sure to be a memory maker and fun for all! Previous shows have sold out almost immediately, so be sure to book well in advance and grab your tickets on time! Click book to secure your tickets today, you won't regret it!

Jersey Boys at Benedum Center

That's entertainment!', and boy we need it now more than ever! Jersey Boys is definitely what musical theatre fans need right now to see beauty amidst the madness, to sit back, and relax amidst all the chaos…to dream, to hope, to inspire, to shine a light amidst the darkness. Curtains at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh will rise starting Thursday 9th June 2022. Witness how those beloved characters come to life on stage once again, and be moved by the plot that would keep your eyes glued to the stage, not wanting to miss every bit of unfolding drama and action. And of course, the music –the poignant ballads, the anthemic choruses, the catchy ditties… All these magical elements coming together in one stage is truly an mind-blowing treat for friends and family I loved ones to enjoy!

Jersey Boys at Benedum Center

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