Hamilton at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Hamilton Tickets

Benedum Center | Pittsburgh

If you're an avid broadway fan, you'll know the 2022 return of Hamilton has been highly anticipated. Critics from The New York Times, to social media fanatics have been speculating the line up and opening night for months! It's finally here for spring and as ever is well received by all. Tuesday 1st March 2022, Hamilton heads down to Benedum Center, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. The iconic broadway show is said to be better than previous tours, a talented all-star cast still causing a stir in the show biz world with their incredible talents and presence, and of course a few surprises and updated special effects to look forward to! bag your tickets today, as they'll surely be gone in a flash! Click the buy button below!

You know what doesn't get enough credit for a great night out? Watching a musical! Theres nothing quite like it! One of the greats include the iconic Hamilton, it is adored by theatre and musical fans! Were you aware it'll be back on broadway for spring, 2022? With a new cast and some little updates it is said to be the unrivalled tour ever! Even better in March, Hamilton will be showing at a thrilling location, always known as the unrivalled venue in the city, the unbelievable Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! It's a great place and you NEED to go! Now! Schedule Tuesday 1st March 2022 into your diary, are you going to be accompanied by the family or your buddies? Because its great for visitors big and small! Book the day off work and secure your entry today! It's so simple, with ease, scroll up and press the buy button, you'll regret it if you miss out!

Hamilton at Benedum Center