Godspell at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

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Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sunday 17th July 2022, Godspell is back on the road for the highly anticipated US tour! A cast of world class individuals providing high class entertainment night after night without fault! Godspell is THE biggest show on stage of the summer. The incredible Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, known for its charm and ambience, is said to be one of the greatest auditoriums in Pennsylvania, so you're in for a real treat this July! Book your tickets today, as tickets on all previous tours have typically been a box office smash, click 'get tickets' now, they'll be gone fast!

Godspell at Benedum Center

When you step into a theatre, it's like going into a completely different world. You could be absolutely anywhere, and you could have travelled back decades and the outside world completely ceases to exist for two hours. There are no annoying adverts, no long trailers; when that curtain goes down you're thrown right into the entertainment, and for those two hours, you can sit back, relax and savour as the story unfolds in front of you. You can laugh, cry, even sing along if you want to! The theater is simply something everyone has to see once in their life, so come down to the awesome Benedum Center and see any of the amazing shows available!

Godspell at Benedum Center

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