Frozen – The Musical at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Frozen - The Musical Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

You'd be hard pushed to see a musical anything like Frozen – The Musical! The legendary musical is coming back to stage for fall, 2022 and things you've heard online are truth, it's the leading musical around….and probably better than ever! Frozen – The Musical is all over your socials and the sheer amount of fuss speaks for itself, it's a must see! Frozen – The Musical will play at the awe-inspiring Benedum Center, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh on Friday 7th October 2022….so now you know, its time to book! Can you see the 'GET TICKETS' button? Well, simply press it so you will be able to buy some straight away!

Frozen - The Musical at Benedum Center

Broadway is such a brilliant day out fo the whole family, you will be hooked the moment you walk through those doors! Some come for the wild atmosphere while others come for the whole experience, it's totally priceless! Frozen – The Musical tours again this fall, 2022, and fans are anticipating opening night already, its non stop on your socials and for many this wont be the first visit, theatre goers cant seem to get enough! This is bound to be a memorable Friday evening in October thats for sure! On this occasion the outstanding Frozen – The Musical will be playing at the premier theatre, the magical Benedum Center of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh on Friday 7th October 2022. Broadway is a familiar face at Benedum Center, a perfect spot for such a mainstream show. You will find the parking very easy, ideal proximity to public transport, snacks and drinks galore… sure that the seats are SO comfortable! BOOK NOW, click the 'get tickets' link to secure!

Frozen - The Musical at Benedum Center

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