Cesar Millan at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

Cesar Millan Tickets

Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dog whisperer extraordinaire Cesar Millan comes to Benedum Center on Thursday 28th January for a fascinating, entertaining and informative evening of canine-based fun! The talented behavioral coach and TV star, and his doggy pals will teach you how to become the "Pack Leader" and recreate harmony between the human and canine worlds!Cesar Millan at Benedum Center

"After watching all of Cesar's shows and reading his books, I didn't think he could teach me anything else, but he outdid himself once again! Watching him in action with the dogs was amazing. He truly is a gift from Mother Nature, put on this planet to help us draw on our ancient instincts – the same instincts our dogs live by!" – Rosie Denny

"Cesar Millan was brilliant! I was blessed to be in a room with someone so in tune with Mother Nature. The minute we got home we started doing, not trying." – Ryan Rocky Blair

"Fantastic!!! What an amazing show last night!! Thank you Cesar for showing us how it is, it was truly awe-inspiring and you are one of a kind and also very funny I must add. You kept the audience captivated with your informative tips in managing unacceptable behavior of dogs (brought on by humans of course!). The demos on stage were amazing, seeing how the dogs react differently when you were dealing with them. What more can I say – I loved it!!" – Daria Santilli Runco

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