Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at Benedum Center Pittsburgh

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Benedum Center Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Will you bring your family along to a thrilling musical production in spring, 2022? It's now come to everybody's knowledge that Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is once again back touring the states for March and will be playing the performance at the unbelievable and the finest theatre for miles around, Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! The perfect spot to relax! Ofcourse you need to be at this musical evening, so don't stress yourself out searching for tickets, simply use the link above to book yours today! They'll be gone before you know it!

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at Benedum Center

What is the first thought that pops into your head when you think of a stage musicall? Spectacular team dancing? Exceptional vocal skills coupled with great catchy tunes? OR Beautiful: The Carole King Musical? We know you think the latter DO you? It's really around everywhere you look right now! When you go on facebook or instagram BAM Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is there! So you'll realise it's a pretty big show right? Yes! So now is your chance to go see it for yourself LIVE on Friday 18th March 2022! The waiting is over for yourself and for fans all over the US on this massive musical tour for spring, 2022! See all of the above and more, because the media is calling it one of the leading ever musicals AND say the stage production, effects and cast members are simply out of this world, more incredible than before if you will! Reviews have knocked the ball right out of the park! The evening will be showing at the magnificent Benedum Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania it's epic say so many who have been, a great venue for shows like Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Get a set of tickets for the entire clan this March, just click 'get tickets' now!

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at Benedum Center

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